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Bins and silos are used to store bulk solids by virtually every industry around the world. Silos must be designed that they are easy to load and what is more importantly, easy to unload. The design problems are normally of two types; either the material does not discharge adequately from the opening in the hopper or the material segregates during the flow. The problems that we would like to solve or avoid are: ratholing, flow is too slow, no flow due to arching or doming, flushing, incomplete emptying, segregation, time consolidation and caking. Creo 3D Design LTd provide design solution to all of these problems with a proper silo 3D modelling, fabrication and general arrangement drawings. The hand calculations or use of FEA analysis are made to ensure structural safe design and satisfy requirements of European Code EN1991 & EN1993. The design process includes wind, snow and seismic verification. We continue to develop our skills in this industry sector getting more experience and practice. Please contact us if you are looking for any support.