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We offer complete design, calculations and fabrication drawings of ISO frames, portable frames and custom-made skids. Each project meets DNV requirements from 2.7-1 and 2.7-3 and we are capable to calculate the lifting equipment such as lifting pad eyes or lifting set. We can also perform tilting check on the frame and structural analysis in FEA. For more information, please get in touch.


A Blowout Preventer (BOP) is a large, specialized valve usually installed redundantly in stacks used to seal, control and monitor oil and gas wells. Blowout preventers developed to cope with extreme erratic pressures and uncontrolled flow emanating from a well reservoir during drilling. lifting BOP stack is a difficult task due to its huge size and complex shape without any interface like lifting frame. it is not possible to accommodate lifting lugs on BOP stack because of its tough geometry. Size and shape of the lifting frame are determined against the shape and particulars of the annular blowout preventer. Lifting frame is designed as a two point lifting system. Design of lifting frame includes the design of lifting pad eyes, annular locking padeyes and bolt strength calculations. Standard contact analysis is used to simulate connecting parts of the lifting frame and the finite element analysis (FEA) is carried out to review the lifting frame structural strength needed to lift the weigh of an annular BOP. For more details please contact us!


We offer complete design and fabrication drawings of offshore catwalks & ladders for any access point to be made.